Green or gray artifacts on screenpad plus zenbook pro duo UX581GV-XB94T

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: UX581GV-XB94T
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Sometimes
  5. Reset OS: no
  6. Screenshot or video:

Detailed description:

Sometimes I have green or gray artifacts that appear on some parts of the screenpad +. It seems to target a certain range of colors and move with the videos, images I move accross the screen etc...

I rebooted many times but It does not work at all.


  • Hi there,

    Does the same thing happen on the main screen?

    Can I have a video of the issue ?

    And does this issue happen out of a sudden or since you have been using the laptop?

    Thank you.

  • Yes it can happen on the main screen too. I had this issue since I bought the laptop but it started to show more and more often.

    The next time it makes it I will film it.

  • @Xaryi check if you have HDR enabled, and if so disable it, sometimes this greenish colouring occurs due to HDR settings.

  • I don't use HDR

  • So should I send it back to tech support ? Nobody seems to have an answer

  • Hi @Xaryi,

    You should do as @Blake_ASUS asked you before, this way he can try to sort it and give you better advice.

  • Make sure you updated to the latest BIOS. This was a known issue like 2 years ago. Also, if you upgrade to the latest version, you should know that you lose the option to overclock or underclock your laptop. This is really a bad way to fix issues, we bought the I9HK over the I7 just to have more power and control, but they take it away from you due to bugs and other issues that they have, not you.

    Also, stay away from the Nvidia and Intel drivers from Asus, there's something wrong with them. While in idle, my laptop fans stop and the temp goes almost to the maximum with CPU close to 60% without having any task running in the background. Once I have installed the drivers from Intel and Nvidia site, my laptop stays cool.

    This happened to me twice with fresh reset of Windows.

  • I hope that those drivers do not mine any coins without our knowledge, I'm not saying that they do, but someone should check them thoroughly because it is easily reproducible.

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    Than you for this answer, I use asus' intel drivers because I was affraid of power control issues with intel ones. At the point where I am with asus' support of this "high end" computer I am not looking forwad overclocking so I will try your solution.

    Asus is known for sh... bad things like this one, as another example you can't plug a Valve Index on a 4500€ computer advertised as VR ready...

    I will ask blake for advice one more but since I posted here I had another issue with the fan hiting something inside the computer (obnoxious clicking noize) so I thing I will use the waranty anyway.

  • @Blake_ASUS so what can I do about this ?

  • Hi there,

    Can I have a video of the issue so it would be much understandable and easier to find out the root cause?

    Thank you.

  • Yes as soon as I can, I noticed it happens when I use the HDMI output too to use another screen.

  • I had this issue since I bought the laptop but it started to show more and more often.

  • Hi there,

    Then can I have a video of the issue?

    Thank you very much.

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