Asus tuf a15 bios-316 can't able to connect OnePlus 9 pro to type c port for data transfer

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  1. System: asus tuf a15 FA506IV
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: FA506IV.316
  4. Frequency of occurrence: ALWAYS
  5. Reset OS: YES,but no effect
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

I have bought OnePlus 9 pro, I have asus tuf a15 FA506IV LAPTOP with bios version 316. I have not able to connect(mobile phone doesn't show up) my OnePlus 9 pro device to my asus tuf a15 laptop via type c port in the laptop for data transfer. I have even tried downgrading bios to 315 but no use , I have even tried to update my tuf a15 type c drive but it shows "its already updated to new version". But I can connect my OnePlus 9 pro to tuf a15 via USB port for file transfer. I saw many customers deal with same issue with type c port in asus tuf a15 for connecting OnePlus smart phone to asus tuf a15 via type c port for file transfer.

Please rectify this issue and I can surely tell that it is a bios update issue and I ask asus to give a new bios update to asus tuf a15 FA506IV Resolving this issue.



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