ZENBOOK 13 UX331UA Touchpad issues

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  1. System: W10 Home 64-bit
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX331UA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Very often, intermittent
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video: was sent with notebook to Service 2 times


Detailed description:Hi all,

I have bought a while back, Notebook UX331UA and unfortunately, touchpad was faulty from day one.Two fingers schrolling is sometimes almost impossible (have to use arrow keys), stutter, cursor often jumps, highlight text, open programs by itself when lands on icon, open links, etc... all in all, very, very frustrating for a $1000 notebook! Often I use mouse which defeat it's purpose as a notebook.

Otherwise I like the notebook, everything's fine except the tuochpad, which makes it almost unusable.

I have posted this problem before, but I see that you have deleted the old posts and "conveniently" introduced New ZenTalk.I have spent a lot of my free time researching and realized that this is an unacceptably common problem with many models and extremely disappointing for a reputable company such as Asus.

I've sent it to service 3 times!

First two times (sent them videos) they replaced the touchpad and the third time they updated all drivers and BIOS.

Nothing helped!

Problem still persists to this day and it seems after 3rd time it's worse then before!

It is out of warranty and I have no intention of sending it back for the 4th time and paying for service.

BIOS is UX331UA.309 and Diver 11.0.030.

In the end, apologies for my long post, but I would really appreciate any help, if anybodu has a solution for this problem.



  • Hi there,

    Please share your product SN with me in the PM I send you .

    And can you help to record a video of the current situation of the touchpad?

    Please include your finger gesture and movement on the touchpad and how the pointer is reacting on the screen at the same time in the video.

    Thank you so much.

  • i own zenbook 13 ux331ual. after buying, i found that trackpad sometimes behaved erratically. often i used to research this on the internet and found that this was very common with these models and nothing could be really done. it's now been 2+ years. initially, i used to get irritated but now i'm kinda used to it.

  • Hi NaitikK,

    Thanks for your post and comment.

    Yes, I understand you very well, it is irritating that after 2 years they are unable to solve the issue. Like you, I found some workaround and got used to it, but it shouldn't have happened to expensive piece of equipment which a lot of people using not only for pleasure, but for work, school and business.

    It's a pity, since I like the notebook, it has everything that I need.

    I remember somebody was posting something about static charge buildup and grounding of the trackpad, with some DIY photos but that post was removed and I am not sure if that is the real cause.

    In any case, I'll wait for Asus response and post the results, but still hoping for some positive outcome :).


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