Rog 5 died whyle charging.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:Asus rog 5 standard,12g rams
  2. Firmware Version:forgot to check
  3. Rooted or not:not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:once
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Soo i pluged my phone to charge(it had around 50% batery) was texting at the time and noticed the batery jumped from like 55% to 100 and completely died.Tried to turn it back on,the rog logo apeared and after that it died again.Since then i couldn't turn it back on.Dosen't apear to charge on any of the ports also tried fastboot it but nothing helped and the phone keeps getting hotter and hotter to the point i can't keep it in my hand for more then 10 secconds and from its side charger there is a faint smell burn.

The phone keeps getting hotter so i left it on the floor in my bathroom afraid it might blow up and burn up the house(no im not kidding its that hot).

Keep in mind i have phone for 5 days.I will get in contact with the place i bought it from in 2 days (unfortunantely tomorrow ill be at work the entire day)and hopefully ill manage to get a complete refund cuz i don't want to deal with this again and yes unfortunantely its the tencent version.


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    You can try battery calibration. This can happen with slow chargers too.

  • excuse me? His power IC is shorted and his phone is getting to hot to even hold it, how exacly do you want him to calibrate a shorted phone?

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    Just because it is too hot to hold doesn't mean the IC has burnt.

  • Hi @SMRaul,

    I recommend you to contact your reseller regarding this issue.

  • If he shows signs of ic chip failure,there is no saving it,he has to repair it

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    That automatically tells you it's an IC chip failing?

    I am not denying the fact he has to go to the reseller or service centre, but don't claim it is an IC chip that has failed.

    Also, the reason why I say try calibration is of course when he has fully charged his phone. This actually includes being patient with the charging and ensure it does it part.

  • Cannot hold it 10s => 70-75 ° C, so battery had to be> 80 ° C

    Burnt smell

    Do not charge

    Charger plugged in, it continues to heat up.

    All the information given shows that the user has done well to isolate it to let it cool and that it must be returned to the after-sales service.

    I would even add that he must send a registered mail to ASUS to report this failure, which is far more serious than WiFi and which does not require many similar cases for a verification procedure to be done by asus and a reminder. is place

    • doesn't turn on
    • smell burnt from the side charger (where the main power IC sits)
    • phone abnormally hot to the point where you cant hold it -> shorted
    • we know phones already died due to the power IC failure on the rog5, some topics here on zentalk and reddit.
    • "charged" battery up to instant 100% -> voltage spike caused by short
    • no charge on battery

    But lets take your approach and disregard any type of common sense and logic and ask him to calibrate a battery on a phone that smells burnt, doesnt turn on, doesnt charge and is to hot to touch.

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    Anything below:

    • doesn't turn on (not been on charge for a long time)
    • phone abnormally hot to the point where you cant hold it -> shorted (bearing in mind he was using the phone then)
    • "charged" battery up to instant 100% -> voltage spike caused by short (where the phone think it has enough, but it was actually near to zero)
    • no charge on battery (same as point one)

    I have faced - but phone is still working as normal. Charging instantly to 100% can also because of the battery stats out of whack. Battery calibration can help with this.

    Leaving with only the burnt smell sympton - smell coming out from port can be caused by damaged cable/damage charging port. Therefore, that does not narrow down the IC chip.

    The bottom line is the OP still needs to visit a service centre assume he is in China. If not which he isn't, then he has to go back to the reseller which is why Irene2_ASUS has recommended that option.

    I will leave it here now.

  • 1.) Literally died while charging and you claim it hasn't been charged for a long time? Are you completely mental or something?

    2.) Oh yeah because it's very common that the phone gets so hot that you can't even hold it. Oh wait, it isn't.

    3.) Oh yeah while charging, totally makes sense. So in your world charging the phone means draining the battery. Is your house working in reverse or something? Are you somehow denying physics at your home?

    4.) Absolutely not the same as point 1.

    How about you stop trolling?

    Seriously I can't tell if you're drunk or flatout trolling at this point. You couldn't be bothered to read OP's post, then you proceed with even more nonsensical crap. Seriously, just admit you didnt bother to read OP and you clearly don't know what you're writing at this point.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    You need to play it nice because you can cause this post to be locked up. I am very awake in what I post, but thanks for your concern.

    A perfect experiment for you since you like experimenting and finding things out is to charge with an 18 watts charger and play Genshin Impact as an extreme - you tell me if the percentage goes up or goes down, because I certainly know what happens. Does that make sense to you now?

    So back to my original question, how is you have narrowed it down to the IC chip that's the problem? I have just said I have faced the same issue on the first few points except for burning, but that alone still doesn't narrow down to the IC chip.

  • The fact you keep replying instead of admitting you didnt bother reading the post writing even more nonsense is beyond me.

    Lets start with the obvious:

    charging with 18Watts and playing genshin impact will still charge, the power consumption of the phone in genshin impact provided it doesnt throttle (which it does) is around 9-12watts depending on where you are in the game. Do the math. Unless you have slow charge on, which charges at 10watts, the phone will not discharge, goes to show you don't know what you're talking about.

    Also to demonstrate your pathethic attempt to talk yourself out of it:

    oo i pluged my phone to charge(it had around 50% batery) was texting at the time and noticed the batery jumped from like 55% to 100 and completely died.

    I already made it very clear with my previous post how the IC chip is the culprit. The fact you try to talk by misleading despite being pointed towards multiple massive flaws in your logic is hilarious. You dodge whatever you can and try to somehow give what you write meaning despite you just failing more and more.

    I suggest you just stop at this point as it's very clear you still haven't been bothered to read OP's text and seem incapable of admitting you just couldn't be bothered to read it in the first place. Not to mention you suggest to attempt to charge a shorted phone is one of the dumbest thing you can do in the first place.

    So for the love of god, stop replying, you're not only making a massive fool out of yourself but you also just spam the forum with nonsense.

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    Give the experiment a go and tell me what you get, please don't assume things 🙂 Don't worry about me.

    You still don't get my point. Like I have said, I faced the majority of symptoms you have mentioned, still charges fine.

  • I already did and it charges for me.

    You have no point, all you have is your pathethic attempt to talk yourself out of a hopeless situation, once again you dodged everything I mentioned and I will still ask you to stop attempting to justify for your previous replies and misleading content as it's getting quite embarresing at this point.

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    Don't know why yours can charge better then, must be the IC chip is going for the ones don't get enough charge :')

    Your points still doesn't proof it's the IC chip though. I have nothing to be embarrassed about. Well I guess we will speak again later then 😂

    Have a great day!

  • You have everything to be embarresed about since you blatenly ignored OP's post and just reponded with an advice that is a potential fire hazard. I wasnt the only one who said it either, bike and greek came to the same conclusion based on evidence.

    I know you're trying to be ironic here but it's actually true, if your IC doesnt tell the charger to charge at 9v2AMP it wont charge at 18W, instead if will charge at 5A 2A which is 10W, but I don't really expect you to do any thorough investiation on this given the replies you have provided in this very topic.

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    As an update with the phone,i contacted the seller and becouse it still was in the 12 days return period i got a full refund and in the next few days i will send the☹️ phone back.

    As a continuation,i left the phone in my bathroom on the floor ,that night, and by the time i woke up in the morning it cooled off. Still didn,t charge or start and not even the fastboot worked so its safe to say the phone is busted. Bumped down with this defect and unfortunantely i don't think im gona buy a nother one untill i see some improvements done to the phone ,if there are going to be any.

    Until it died the phone performed flawlessly.

  • Lol, that's always the case, except for Humans, they don't always work well before they die :(

    I have a Rog5 so it's too late for me but if I were to buy a new Tel to play or a Flasgrip for my wife I wouldn't do it right away, the 888 and 888s have come to the technological limit, I will wait for the next generation of processor engraved in 4nm and analyze their performance / consumption / heating before making a decision.

    The first are in the process of being certified for the standards, the leaks should not be long and the first commercializations should be end q4 / 2021 q1 / 2022.

    There will certainly be in a near period the CPU / AMD Samsung, it will certainly be interesting (the competition is always good).

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