ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • Hi @Irene2_ASUS whats the issue exactly? Service center didnt really explain what happened to the phone or what caused it.

  • Its the opposite really but apple is going for control, they try to damage control as much as they possibly can. They are mostly aware of issues but try to hide it as well as they can, they are the type of company that focus on marketing and deliver mediocre products.

    Look at the M1 for instance, marketed to the stars, reality? Quite impractical and unusable. If you look at the used market you'll see a lot of M1 macbooks for sale but ignorant people still think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

    At least ASUS tries to impress with actual good products, albeit they don't always succeed.

  • Oggi partiva per il centro assistenza Ausus di Milano ....il venditore mi ha chiamato preoccupato per l'altissima temperatura che lo smartphone emetteva...

  • Today he was leaving for the Ausus service center in Milan .... the seller called me worried about the very high temperature that the smartphone was emitting ...

  • @Danishblunt i had an iphone 4s before which also bricked on me and they replaced it with a new unit. And its almost a year old unit. It was a good product IMO. And they took CARE of my issue with much less inconvenience. And its completely opposite of what Asus did here. A good product isnt just specs or features whatever, its the experience as well. That was my last apple product though haha. Everything apple does becomes much more expensive and luck luster when it comes to specs.

    But anyway, my point is Asus could have done a lot better handling and treating the issue better. I wouldnt be so angry and dissapointed with them if they just simply replaced it with a new unit. Its simple yet they are too stubborn.

  • I think the problem is Asus they have a lot of different electronics. They produce new stuff daily. Phones are just small part in their business. They wont change for one phone. I still have one Asus motherboard, which crashes randomly one time a month. In a beginning it was more often(daily), but it went better with new firmware. I sent it to service few years ago and they said it was ok. Tough luck.

  • Happened to me. Left phone on charge for about an hour, came back to the ram dump message. Sent the phone off for repair, but when it came back, the proximity sensor wasn't working.

    I have now requested a refund, which I'm unsure if I'll get. The phone has been sent back, but not heard anything yet. I really do hope they get to the bottom of the ramdump issue, because if they do, I'd get another ZenFone 8.

  • @mail.jackr I'm sorry to hear that. If you haven't done so already, please contact a local ASUS service center and explain your issue to them.

    Also check your inbox on Zentalk for a PM from me with some follow-up questions about your device.

  • Thank god i sold mine already. Now waiting for my oneplus to arrive 😁

    @Lammy i dont think they will issue a refund. But goodluck.

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  • The number of cases is alarming....it's only fair to make this public and not just limit this discussion to a Asus-controlled forum, suggestions anyone?

    The fact that they only offer to fix the product with no assurance of it bricking again and not even allowing refunds is absurd.

    I definitely won't be confident in using this phone even after getting it back from service, you won't know when it will die again and the amount of data lost is way too risky.

  • controlled? Yeah no, ASUS doesn't do any damage control at all, they let their users speak for themselves. Also as for admitting to issues, ASUS don't do that, people are still unaware that the power IC is dying nonstop in the Rog2 phones.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem as everyone else here, spent hours reading discussions through multiple websites and seems like there is no solution bht to send the phone to maintenance.

    Unfortunately I bought the phone from outside the country as it was not available here and as a result I have no warranty and no local customer service line to contact, I am very disappointed in Asus and I hugely regret my decision to buy the phone. Hope someone here can help on how I can begin to fix this mess

  • Today I informed my lawyer to understand how to proceed from a legal point of view !!! From the point of view of customer safety, a smartphone cannot remain at very high temperatures for days and then returned to the customer

  • What the hell? How many cases like this are here? I'm terribly dissapointed, phone was nice and fast but right now I started to regret buying it.

  • welcome to the club sir....you can just go to the other thread on how many have fell victim to this.

  • Admin merged the threads. Head over there @rafal.kamraj .

  • to the Mods....so is Asus going to remain silent about this? At least come out with a statement that the company is investigation on this issue.

    By pointing us to our local service centers it doesn't really explain why so many people are effected by the same problem, we as customers deserve an explanation!

  • Asus mods will probably delete most "uncomfortable" posts here ;) Asus is still advertising ZF8 as great phone xd

  • Two months then I got the same issue. This is not OK.

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