ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • It seems impossible. Find out what your consumer rights are in your country. In addition, you have a warranty directly from the manufacturer (asus)

  • Ive got emails, which they ghosted me 😂 seriously, they are incompetent.

  • Phone repair services are known to try weasel out and put blame on user. Some are better, most are just awful. Most people just dont have knowledge or time to battle with them and they abuse the situation. In my country i can demand cash from retailer in first 6 months, if something major goes wrong. That will I do, if it happens to me. I think whole EU has law for this.

  • I'd like to think I'm doing the exact opposite of ignoring you. Every ramdump related case being reported here on Zentalk is followed up on and users are being guided to service. As I've explained before, devices entering ramdump is a symptom that can have different root causes.

    On a general note:

    Questions regarding refunds should go through your reseller. We are of course happy to service your devices under warranty. If you're dissatisifed with the service process in any way, please let me know and I'll pass your feedback on to the relevant parties.

    @HeLLKiTe Check your inbox for a PM from me.

  • So mine was only collected yesterday and no doubt it will takes weeks to get this resolved and sent back to me. Quite clearly by the time the phone comes back to me, it will be of no use as I have had to get something else. Having paid over £700, and the phone only working a few months, leaves a sure taste in my mouth and I will continue to raise my voice and detaste at Asus for this. Spoke to customer services, and they and they just said.,no replacement wait till it comes back. What a waste.

  • Ciao a tutti, ho acquistato da due mesi uno Zenfone 8 con 16 di RAM e 256 di memoria, premetto che il telefono è nelle condizioni pari al nuovo, sempre ricaricato con caricatore originale e mai caduto !!!! Lo schermo dello smartphone all'improvviso è diventato nero con una serie infinita di codici e numeri con una scritta i verde fluo " Waiting for flashing full ramdump" praticamente lo smartphone è diventato inutilizzabile....non si spegne e non si accede .... provato anche procedura indicata da servizio assistenza Asus ma niente !!!! Inoltre durante le conversazioni ogni tanto si sente una interferenza della durata di 2/3 secondi ....ba' Uno smartphone da 1000 euro che dopo due mesi ti mollami sembra eccessivo !!!!

    Questo è il top di Asus... Vediamo tempi di riparazione e cosa sostituiscono .....la mia paura è che se i pezzi sono difettosi il problema si ripresenta ....

  • I can't understand what you said, but you will need to send the phone for repair.

  • Sad Truth is that even if we will complain here about these issues with dying Zenfones, nothing will change...

    I just thought that if you are buying phone for 700 euro, you can trust producer that it will work as it should at least for 24 months of warranty. When it comes to buying Asus for that amount of money, I was wrong :(

    First impression was great but after almost 4 months with all problems with ZF8 it's not good at all. Hope that you will understand our bitter @Gustav_ASUS

  • Another one..the club is growing haha. Goodjob asus. 😂

  • I had google transate your comment.

    Im sorry it also happened to you, but the lesson here is dont buy asus phones..

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    @lukasz.szabelski Something will change, people who is making a little research about buying this phone hopeful finds all these threads and makes the right decision.

    I have lost money already because of this, from a full priced phone to 20% less because had to sell it as used phone. Not including the cases and screen protector i bought. And Asus is just too stubborn to replace the unit when its due. Why would we want to continue using a phone that breaks randomly with no reason at all? Even they dont know why and how to fix it so they just replace the main board with a new one. But this new board is exactly the same board in the first place. What stops it from getting ramdump again?

    Asus is a joke.

  • Hi @atoia68,

    Please just remember to keep your post in English so that we can understand your post and provide the accurate help.

    Regarding your issue you will have to contact a local ASUS service center and explain your issue to them.

    Also check your inbox for a PM from me with some follow-up questions regarding your device :)

  • If you are like me, I won't look on these forums for a new phone, I went to reviews on youtube. Someone should make a video about the problem. I personally think it was a problem that occured after the .113 update. Althought it could be anything. I understand the pain and frustration as my zenfone completly bricked itself. I may have had a ram-dump, but I left my phone unattended, and came back to a turned off screen and an unresponsive phone.

    I hope Asus will take action quickly after researching the first few examples, I don't think they are waiting for this kind of critism. Nor do I think they are trying to silence us. I do think it's good to share this with other media, like in youtube comments and websites like tweakers and gsmarena. So far I saw a number that there were 10 ramdump cases, but by the looks of the more posts on this website, there's more. Possibly the tip of an iceberg, but I won't assume how large that iceberg is. However if Asus wants to avoid backlash, they should at least report something to the media about this problem occuring.

    I think it's best to be civil about it, having a new fast phone for a few months, getting used to it, and then having to result to an old backup phone sucks and is frustrating. There's not much you can do about this situation, complaining to them is demotivating. While just explaining and sharing the problem is enough.

    I still liked the zenfone 8, I think they will fix this problem, whether it being a firmware or hardware issue. I hope they will bring a workaround or fix. And I have previously owned Asus devices that weren't phones, and they always patched problems up perfectly in my opinion. So I think the same applies here and that I will be able to continue to enjoy my zenfone 8 for some while longer.

    tldr; bad things happen, lets not assume the worst and look at your options.

  • we all are casualties here my man....even if we get back the phone no one will be confident in using it and risk losing all their data.

  • you are not alone my friend @atoia68, so are still not going to acknowledge this Asus?

  • Ramdump isnt exactly just the issue here. Its how they handled it or atleast tried.

    My phone was barely 1 month old when this ramdump occured. At that point, replacing the unit is logical correct? But they didnt allow.Tried to request a refund but didnt allow it. Had no choice but to do the repair which had to wait 2 weeks. 2 weeks with out a phone, where in this age, you have everything on your phone. Otp, banking, calls, text, email etc you get the jizz. 2 weeks without that.

    The worst thing happened, when i got my phone back, it was damaged by their own repair service. There were pry marks and dent around the back cover and on the frame.

    Now knowing they fucked up so bad already, still they refused to give me a refund or AlTLEAST a replacement unit. You see, its not just the ramdump. Its the overall experience with the brand. And they FAILED.

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    And just to mention, i explained my side to asuscare@asus.com and they basically ignored my email and basically threatened to close my case if i dont comply with their offer in few days ( just replace the back cover, even though theres a scratch on the frame.). They didnt reply me for 2 days until i replied to agree. Very professional right? Lmao

  • You know thats the funny thing about ASUS, while they don't inform anyone about anything, they do at least not silence anyone. I've been dunking on the Rog5 nonstop for it's ridicolous state and haven't had a single censorship. At least that you can grant to ASUS, if it was apple i had been banned and all comments would have been deleted.

    The thing is this issue only affects the zenfone 8 and in rare cases the rog5, the zenfone 8 flip seems completely unaffected by it.

  • @Danishblunt lmao. You are right. Apple has way too large amount of users compared to asus though, a small hiccup could make a headline already.

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