Battery drain when switching from wireless to 4G.

ligiusligius Level 1
edited October 2021 in ZenFone 8

I've noticed a battery issue that hasn't been fixed in any of the last updates. Whenever I go from zero cell reception and full wifi signal to an area that has cell reception and no wifi signal, some applications will not connect anymore (e.g. Maps, Signal, Whatsapp, etc). This is 'fixed' by toggling the airplane mode on and off..

The same thing happens in reverse, when going from a cell covered area to one which only has WiFi. Same fix again.

If the fix is not applied, the phone will be seemingly offline for hours, though some applications will connect. The signal icons will show a 'connected' status. The phone drains battery much faster (3-4%/h instead of 1%), though nothing will show up in the usage.

Some technical information, in case it's useful:

  • cell mode set to 4G/3G
  • WiFi network is Wifi6
  • WiFi calling is activated
  • Mobile data is activated
  • Bluetooth/NFC are off


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