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I have a ZenFone 5 with Android 8.0.0. Can it be updated to a more recent version?


  • What about bugs on Zenfone 5z in .123 firmware version?? This is really a sad treatment for flagships from ASUS. We are left with Outdated security patch and unstable system after latest fimware. And now no more response from ASUS team to fix all those buggy issues. Threads are getting closed everyday without any response from active mods only for Zenfone 5z. Doesnt ASUS want its users to buy its future smartphone technology?? Why is ASUS showing such behaviour? I am Zenfone user since 2015 and never saw such behaviour from ASUS in my history. Seriously we heartly want ASUS to grow as a brand but brand itself is not ready to accept the feedback from its users.

    only because developers doesnt want to work with older flagship models doesnt mean that users should be left with buggy firmware And outdated security patches.

    This is pathetic in my experince and alredy i have shared alot of logs and screen/video proofs internally but Developers have always ignored all such real issues. This is sad:(

    I hope for a positive response and want system to be stable enough.

    Thanks! @Falcon_ASUS

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    Just move on man, as soon as i can i will buy another phone and leave Asus. They are good for routers and Motherboards and should stick with it

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    Asus executives, you've made us look like idiots enough. We are very well aware of this. But you are not aware of this. You are the real retard. For losing your customers this way!

  • I was with Asus since Zenfone 2. Two weeks ago I retired my Zenfone 5Z. I finally became too tired of the lack of support including timely security updates. The last thing for me was my Zenfone 5Z utilizes 3G when using voice here in the US. ATT notified me when they shut down their 3G systems in February my phone will no longer function voice wise. I've since moved onto OncePlus and won't ever go back to ASUS. Asus made it very easy for me to leave them & they have no one to blame but themselves.

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    Here's Asus. You have another happy customer. just do what you do best. keep quiet.

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