Zenfone 8 users, what's your SoT (Screen on Time)?

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~7h here, mostly watching videos and browsing the net. Advanced battery sliders, all settings to the left.



  • cicagoriocicagorio Level 2

    4-6 hours here.

    Do you have adaptive battery and background app management turned on?

  • Yes and yes. Also no 5G (only wifi) + 60 Hz everywhere.

  • cicagoriocicagorio Level 2

    Yeah, I have both of these turned off, but maybe I should reconsider it now.

    I also don't use 5g but have some 4g mobile data usage in between. I am running at 90 or 120Hz fixed though

  • Then why spend so much money on a flagship phone?, most mid range phones will give you the settings you've described at a fraction of the cost, while people keep setting their devices to power save mode ,lowest refresh rate etc then the manufacturers will keep ignoring ongoing issues with battery life etc.

  • daniel91mdaniel91m Level 2

    1. LTE, full auto mode

    2. LTE, full auto mode

    3. 3G, AOD off, 90Hz.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin

    While your experience has been bad, it does not mean every user and every use case is the same as yours.

    Only you know your use case.

    In 3rd party testing under similar conditions, Zenfone 8 does pretty good with its battery capacity and hardware makeup.

    You are of course entitled to your own opinion and experience with the Zenfone 8 but please refrain from passing it on as everyone else's.


  • With very light use, i have 3 days battery endurance with 4-4,5 h SoT.. auto Hz , durable(after 20% ultra durable).. wifi and mobile data combined...

  • Sorry, @CH_ASUS , I must of missed something here as I never mentioned my experience with my handset in my reply, I simply stated that what is the point in buying a flagship phone if you run it as a mid range phone? please point me to where I used my own experience in this reply?, BTW I will totally understand if you feel you need to delete this reply!

  • This gsmarena review is the reason I created this topic.

    I'm sitting close to my router so my wifi range is perfect, data and bluetooth turned off. 60 Hz everywhere. Advanced battey settings with all sliders to the left. 5G blocked. Always on Display off. App battery optimisation on for background apps. Adaptive battery. Dark theme everywhere. No vibrations on touch.

    I watch movies offline from the storage. I get around 7h (8h tops). They say they get almost 16h ours on watching movies.

    I call bs.

  • I have about 10 hours. My settings are: system mode is dynamic, 60hz,3G,adaptive battery -off. The most application have manual setting for working in background. With 4G about 7.5 hours. I noticed that system modes do not influence for working time(for SoT).

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    Depends on codec your video is using. Gsmarena use video with H.264. It seams 888 is highly optimised for it.

    I can easily get 10h+ on 1080p Youtube videos.

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    Video playback is probably very dependant on codec your video is using. It seams 888 is opimized for H.264 (gsmarena uses it). Youtube use it also. I tested runtime on 1080p youtube and i can easily get 10h+.

    Brightness is also big factor. Full brighness on white screen uses 400mA just screen alone.

    If you do a simple math, you can't get 10h with 3500mAh battery on that condition.

  • Mine is not too bad. Attached both for heavy (not sure if it's heavy since it's just browsing, but it is less idle, more screen on time) and light use cases. Adaptive refresh rate, everything else pretty much as it comes out of the box.

  • daniel91mdaniel91m Level 2

    Why these results are unattainable for me?

  • pipsss81pipsss81 Level 2

    Maybe because you have set high brightness, you dont use dark theme?

    With amoled display dark screen means much less power consumed.

  • daniel91mdaniel91m Level 2

    Dark theme on. Brightness auto mode.

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    By the way, I have dark mode on, but on apps that I use the most, like rif and Chrome I force light theme, as it hurts my eyes reading white text on black background. Also, I have brightness on manual. During daytime I have it at arround 80 percent and arround 40 in nightime.

  • Don't set it to auto IMO

    Just try to keep it stagnant between the ones which is readable and viewable to your eyes.

    within 40 to 50% for eg

  • Also keep in mind it is summer period for a lot of countries now. Meaning more time outside, more sunlight.

    Zenfone 8 has HBM up to 800 nits which triggers for outdoor sunlight readability. This consumes more power of course. (And not different from other brands with bright screens).

    It might not be discernible as "brighter" because if you are outside, the ambient brightness is also very high - but it will be noticed in terms of display power draw.

    HBM can trigger in Auto and in Manual (when brightness is at max).

  • I think its 1100 nits peak brightness for zenfone 8

    I saw it in official specs in Asus.com

    correct me if I am wrong

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