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Zenfone 8 users, what's your SoT (Screen on Time)?

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~7h here, mostly watching videos and browsing the net. Advanced battery sliders, all settings to the left.

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I have about 10 hours. My settings are: system mode is dynamic, 60hz,3G,adaptive battery -off. The most application have manual setting for working in background. With 4G about 7.5 hours. I noticed that system modes do not influence for working time(for SoT).

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This gsmarena review is the reason I created this topic.

I'm sitting close to my router so my wifi range is perfect, data and bluetooth turned off. 60 Hz everywhere. Advanced battey settings with all sliders to the left. 5G blocked. Always on Display off. App battery optimisation on for background apps. Adaptive battery. Dark theme everywhere. No vibrations on touch.

I watch movies offline from the storage. I get around 7h (8h tops). They say they get almost 16h ours on watching movies.

I call bs.

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Depends on codec your video is using. Gsmarena use video with H.264. It seams 888 is highly optimised for it.
I can easily get 10h+ on 1080p Youtube videos.

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Video playback is probably very dependant on codec your video is using. It seams 888 is opimized for H.264 (gsmarena uses it). Youtube use it also. I tested runtime on 1080p youtube and i can easily get 10h+.
Brightness is also big factor. Full brighness on white screen uses 400mA just screen alone.
If you do a simple math, you can't get 10h with 3500mAh battery on that condition.

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Mine is not too bad. Attached both for heavy (not sure if it's heavy since it's just browsing, but it is less idle, more screen on time) and light use cases. Adaptive refresh rate, everything else pretty much as it comes out of the box.

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Why these results are unattainable for me?