VoLTE/VoWiFi support for Australia

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog 5
  2. Firmware Version: WW_18.0840.2104.56
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Phone Calls

First off, to give credit where it's due and all, it's a decent phone with a big battery, 3.55mm jack, good screen, fast chips, practically up-to-date Android and its security updates etc. Well done & thanks for all of that.

But then, to my horror and shock, I've discovered that Rog 5 doesn't support VoLTE (and VoWiFi) with any of the three Australian carriers (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone & their respective MNVOs)! That functionality is quite relevant to me: At my workplace, I get decent 4G (thanks to band 28 operating on 700 MHz spectrum) as opposed to 3G operating on higher spectrums. So, the 3G call quality is pretty bad. In addition, my carrier has been slowly discontinuing 3G for eventual minimum-4G-only in a few years. IOW, this problem is going to get only worse for us.

Seeing how even ~$300 segment smartphones are supporting VoLTE (and VoWiFi), I can't believe that Rog 5 costing many hundreds of dollars more dearly doesn't support this essential functionality!

Being generally pleased with the phone, I was honestly going to recommend it to friends and colleagues. However, due to the "phone" feature of this so-called smartphone being stuck in last century for us in Australia, I obviously won't be recommending it to anybody. In fact, I'll make it a point to "enlighten"anybody considering it with this extreme shortcoming, so that they don't make the same mistake as I did: i.e., assuming that an Asus smartphone released in 2021 would support mobile technology from at the very least yesteryears (while it actually does not!).

As a user, I shouldn't have to care/worry about whatever logistical/technical issues you've for getting the essential VoLTE feature (VoWiFi) supported in Australia. How is that a user's problem? So, do get this feature implemented ASAP please.

I won't be fooled for the second time by future Asus phones. Without Asus implementing this feature in Rog 5, regrettably this would be my last Asus phone (and I assure you, so will it be in the circles of my influence too). Thanks


  • Dont hold your breath. Asus has had 3 chances to sort the VOLTE on this phone (its easily done and free) yet they continue to let all of Australia down. Maybe its a China thing against Australia.. I don't know, but there is literally zero reasons why they can't implement it.

    I bought the Rog 3 and have been waiting patiently for something to happen on the 5, but nothing has so Asus won't be getting my money this time round.

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    Consider voting and commenting on the "Ideas for Next" section (assuming ASUS still even reads and cares about it).

    If ASUS is going to sell the phone in Australia then it better damn work with the carriers in Australia.

    On my end, from what I gather, ASUS only officially supports VoLTE for one of the three major carriers in the United States (AT&T) and people have to go through additional steps to force VoLTE with T-Mobile. Verizon isn't even compatible at all.

    ASUS should allocate their resources into making sure that their phones take full advantage of the network features of the regions they are selling it to.

  • I wish you good luck bud... They haven't released it for the Rog 2 Rog 3 or the Rog 5 in the UK either... I was told 3 months ago they would release it in UK but nothing... But funnily enough they were able to release it for the cheaper Zenfone 8 very quickly... Doesn't make sense

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    Yup, done that now in your thread. It's good to know a lot of customers are complaining about ASUS's subpar phone functionalities -- such as lack of VoLTE/VoWiFi functionalities in Rog 5, 3 etc. -- for what's being sold in the "premium priced" market. An example of text book deception by omission. They mislead an innocent customer (like me) by deceptively omitting the fact that they have no VoLTE support in Australia, while quoting all fancy 2G/3G/4G/5G bands the phone supports etc. in marketing material and misleading one to believe that phone fully supports such networks, while it does not. Unethical!

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    Ended up buying a new Moto G 5G Plus, for a fraction of the price I originally paid for Rog 5.

    With Moto, not only on the mobile network carrier of my choice in Australia, but also even in their competitor's network (checked it out with my friend's SIM), VoLTE (and VoWiFi) works just fine. An excellent outcome for the decent money paid for it.

    Now Rog 5 phone has become a glorious WiFi-only Rog 5 (doesn't deserve to be called a "phone") for me. If possible, up the road, l'll have to explore how to get "Australian" VoLTE unofficially activated on my device, though I'm not incredibly motivated to do that, as I expect it to be quite difficult. We'll see.

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