Display auto brightess doesn't work

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Today I've noticed that something's wrong with auto brightness. After yesterdays update my screen brightness was set on 95% and battery got low very fast. Same after charging from 100% to 85% in 4 hours without using anything, no apps, no calls, no gps etc.

Just when I've bought my phone I've set brightness to auto.

Now when I'm going to Display settings and I'll choose some brightness level for example "20%" and go outside when sun is bright, display won't make itself any brighter. Same when setting to "80%" ang going to dark room. It's still 80%.

Please fix this, it's very annoying right now.


    1. Do you have auto brightness turned on?
    2. Can you record your ZF8 with one of your other phones to show the problem where it doesnt change brightness if you set it to low (10%?) and then shining the flashlight on it?
    1. Yes I have. It's the same with auto brightness On and Off - no effect.
    2. Sure, I'll make some video :)
  • I can't attach video to this post "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links" So I'll send you a PM with link.

    I've set both Asus Zenfone 8 and Lg G7 display brightness to 18% and as you can see "Auto" is enabled on both. When I've shine the flashlight on it, Zenfone display go to ~25% from 18% while LG goes from 18% to ~100%. Without flashlight Zenfone brightness go down a little while LG is back to 18%.

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    I can't send you a PM (don't know why) so I'm pasting link without dots and with some extra whitespaces.

    (thanks , downloaded)

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    From the vide, I can see at 4 seconds in, the display on ZF8 changes from 18% to 24% .

    Then down again to 17 and up to 23% and so on - indicating the adaptive brightness in itself is "working". So it does seem to react.

    Howver the adaptive brightness levels itself maybe have been messed up in terms of its "remembering" (just speculation). As this Android function also attempts to "learn" from which brightness conditions you "want" which brightness.

    You can try to shine a light on it, keep it there, and manually pull the slider to , say, 80%.

    Then try it again to see if it kept that in memory.

    Alternatively you can go to settings and search in the searchbar for "Device Health services" - go in that app.

    Find "storage" and press "clear storage" icon.

    You will see a screen where you can "Reset adaptive brightness". Do so and it resets its learning back to default.

  • I've reset adaptive brightness and it's better for now but comparing to LG it's still not as smooth as it could be. Let's see how it will behave for longer time and various conditions. For now I've tested it by walking from completely dark bathroom to balcony and back :P

  • I also noticed this happening after the latest update, in fact I thought the phone had turned off completely as I could not see anything on the screen, it was only when I got back to my car and plugged a USB cable in that I knew the phone in fact was on but ever so dim, I did a full restore last night and I am monitoring it now

  • I didn't experirnced such issues on any phone before so it's strange why adaptive brightness settings messed up just after month of using Zenfone. I'll monitor this and let know if having issues again.

  • Issue is back again today. Display won't get brighter than 30% with auto on. I need to perform reset again :/

    Using Zenfone is getting quite tricky. Some basic functions get just annoying. Like display brightness, VoLTE, notifications etc :(

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