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Contact photos do not show in contact list

Just got my new Zenfone 10 and discovered that in the contacts list there doesnt seem to be any setting to display a contact photo beside the contact name in the contact list. I set the photos to be able to easly find the person I am looking for so lack of them is quite a problem for me as a dyslexic person. if not possible to add please recommend me an alternative contect app.


Star III

I have suggested this in my bugs and feedback thread. The solution for now is to try using Google Contacts app. It is better in many ways, except it does not show call logs for individual contacts. Also you can replace the Phone app by downloading and using Google's Phone app as default. You will lose call recording but you will get a favourites list with photos in that tab.

Unfortunately I don't know which apps to use for ALL contacts to have photos, but for my favourites it's enough.

I don't like the idea of google contacts very much, all the data they collect just doesn't sit right with me.