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Worst service and Useless support

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Dear Team,
Have heard many positive terms on Asus community on mobiles whose giving 100% customer satisfaction.
but there are few asholes like F1 Info solutions naming them as authorized service center cheating people and looting mobile parts and also replacing with duplicate parts with costing on original parts price,which is so annoying.
They really dont know what to do with products simply changing motherboard or battery or display if there is any minor issues, and also they are having combo in servicing if there is any issue in touchscreen then they are c hanging complete display set including motherboard stating that IC is gone..
What the FUCK is happening in this digital world, if those bitches are still alive who doesnt know what to check and how to check and spoiling the bran of ASUS🤬

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F1 Infosolutions & Services Pvt Ltd
Unit no.11, 14& 15, VGP Victory House, Near Sony centre,Anna Salai (Mount Road), Chennai – 600002

*************Worst Support and unprofessional towards customer,bastards not aware on issues in product simply changing hardware without logic.....Expecting severe action should be taken against this retailers with penailty and also please STOP dealing with these agents if it is repeating.

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Hi Karthikeyan M
Thank you for your asking. As I haven't known your device information and issue detail yet, I can not assert any statement. I would like to take a look of your case if you may. Please check your inbox and PM me your SN, RMA, issue detail & timeline for further checking. Thanks.