Zenbook Duo 14 UX482 - ScreenPad Plus Splash Screen & Wallpapers

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There was a similar post but it has now been closed.

I just bought the new UX482 and installed WIN 10 PRO. I downloaded all the software and utility thinking that I will be able to restore all the ASUS stuff but it was not he case; and for some reason my recovery image doesn't work (it's basically useless now).

If anyone can help I'm looking for copies of...

  1. the SPLASH screen in the SCREENPAD+ when the computer starts up and
  2. the original ASUS wallpapers (the one in the main screen and the one in the ScreenPAD+)



  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2
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    @ally.mam the post you mention was when I had the same difficulty you're having. I'll try to send you what you need through pm.

    Hope this help you.

  • @MotoWiZ thank you so much! It may seem like a small thing but it just completes the package.

    they should make the wallpapers available like on the ROG site.

    much appreciated

  • bijoympbijoymp Level 1

    @MotoWiZ Could you please send me also. I had tp reinstall windows due to some blue screen error.

  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2

    @bijoymp I would, but I'm on vacation and away from my laptop. If nobody helps you it till next saturday send me a pm and I'll be gald to assist you and send you the files.

  • bijoympbijoymp Level 1

    @MotoWiZ could you please send it to [email protected]

  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2
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    Sent by WeTransfer, it's too big to send by e-mail...

    Kindly inform if you received them and if it's all ok!☺️

  • bijoympbijoymp Level 1

    Yes got it. Thank you very much

  • You guys are great. The splash assets (presumably the ones I sent to MotoWiz) are making their way around the world :D

  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2

    In fact is the one you sent me @potatosubwoofer... thanks ;)

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