Random touch screen failures of the 2 days old phone

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I have a problem with my new official European Asus ROG Phone 5. The phone was bought in my local Arvutitark store, then updated twice to the latest available software version (18.0840.2103.26), then I restored a backup from Google drive. Sometimes the touch screen of my phone stop responding - applications are functioning meanwhile. Physical buttons are still working - the power button turns the screen on and off, volume buttons can tune volume up and down. Still, I cannot do anything using my touch screen; I cannot do a soft reboot because when the menu "Reboot, Power off, Flight mode" appears, and I am trying to pick the "Reboot" option, the touch screen doesn't react. It is happening accidentally, in random order - once it happened while I browsed the Internet, next time - during the Facebook session, up to 3 times a day, last time I unlocked my phone in the morning after sleep, and it happened again. I tried to lock the refresh rate to 60-120-144 Hz, but that doesn't help as well. The only option available in such a case - is to make the hard reboot of the phone holding power and volume down button. So, I just paid 860 EUR without a cent for the pain in my ass and phone that I cannot use. Does anyone stand such a problem?

PS: I brought the phone to the service center, they said - it might take 2-4 weeks to diagnose. Fine (((



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    Since it is a 2 day phone, personally I would try and take it back to the store.

    If the store doesn't let you, then you can try pressing with a mice connected to the phone. If you can do that, try going to calculator and then type in:


    Do single test and do all touch tests with the screen.

    Please post back results if you have managed to get this far.

    If you can with the mice, try factory reset.

    If none of the above gets you anywhere, you would need to visit service centre.

  • Bro, best advice is to replace the phone. I have similar issues so I went back to the store. The technician insoect it, and they reolaced it

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