Zenbook Pro duo is absolutely useless

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: Zenbook Pro Duo 15.6inch i7 16GB
  4. Frequency of occurrence: constant
  5. Reset OS: Many times
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

I've had my Zenbook Pro duo for 8 months and I've hardly used it due to constant and ongoing problems. Every time I think I fixed an issue, it swiftly comes back after a Windows update.

I'm also sick of Windows updates constantly resetting everything. I spend ages configuring my system only to have to do it all again with every update. From my desktop images to monitor settings, taskbar settings, everything, it's absolutely ridiculous.

One of the really frustrating and ongoing issues is overheating. I've found this issue literally all over the internet, everyone seems to have it. I've tried all kinds of "fixes" yet whatever I've tried it always comes back. This thing overheats while sleeping and doing absolutely nothing. The fans don't come on, or they do constantly when it's not necessary.

In my 25 years of using computers, I've never encountered anything like it. I'm sick of trawling the internet to find solutions, downloading drivers, updating things, constantly configuring my settings. This is worst than taking care of a small child and has none of the joys. Is this machine fit for purpose or just all style and no substance?

I'd like to hear of other people's experience with this machine.


  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2

    My model is Zenbook Pro Duo 14inch i7 16GB, UX482, and I'm enjoying it very much. Only problem I have is bluetooth that takes very long to start after reboot or sleep. Have made all windows updates, till now, and everything stays as I've configured initialy.

    Very happy with it and have it since middle February.

    BTW since new I completly formated mine and installed Windows 10 Pro, but installed all drivers from Asus website and got the original wallpapers and screenpad+ splash screen from a user here.

  • Have you contacted ASUS support?

    Since you've only had it 8 months, you should still be under the manufacturer's warranty.

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