Phone overheating

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I noticed that after updating the phone to Android 11, there was an excessive temperature rise in the PUBG game, to reach the temperature of 44 ° C, while it was reaching 40 ° C in Android 10


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    I wouldn't call a 4° difference excessive.

    Did you get those results at the exact same ambient temperature? I don't think so

  • There's so much room for false impression when you compare something you see now against what you remember. Even if you did have 40°C playing PUGB at some point, you can't possibly remember or even know what the scenario looked like back then. There are so many factors to consider that you need two devices with clean A10 and A11 to make a fair comparison. I can only say that we haven't seen any 10% increase in temperature during our internal testing or from beta users. If you're sure that there's an increase, then you can downgrade to A10 and install only PUBG, make 10 random measurements during 2h gaming. Then you upgrade to A11 and do the same thing again.

    You will most likely see the same average temp on A10 and A11

  • It usually get heated it too while playing COD mobile.

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