ASUS Zenbook 14' laptop Ryzek 5 question

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Detailed description I am new to this site but I have a question I hope someone here can answer. I bought a new ASUS Zenbook 14' laptop Ryzek 5 computer for my home. I haven't used it yet but the only thing I really don't care for is the keyboard. It is hard to see the letters because the keyboard is so light. I didn't realize this until I got it home. I would like to know if there is a keyboard cover that would help me see the letters. I read about the ASUS keyboard backlight. Does this help? I have fair knowledge of the computer so I am not sure where the keys are without actually seeing them. I have done google searches but I can't seem to find one for the Ryzek 5. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanking anyone in advance. If you need additional information just ask.


  • i don't have your model laptop. but if the laptop comes with backlight means, then you can keyboard backlight by pressing the correct key.

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    Hi there,

    May I have your actual model name?UM425IA?

    If you device have keyboard backlight, then you are able to adjust it by F7 button.

    Thank you.

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    The computer is an ASUS - Zenbook 14" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5 - 8 GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce MX350 - 256BG SSD. The model number is Q407lQ-BR5N4.

    I took the information off the Best Buy site. I am not sure if this is what you needed or not. The computer is at my new house still in the box waiting for me to move. And yes, it does have the backlight capability for the keyboard. Didn't know about the F7. I wanted to know about a keyboard cover. Is there one available for this laptop?

  • Hi there,

    We don't have keyboard cover, you might need to search for other third-party ones.

    Thank you.

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