Disabling/hiding Gesture Navigation Bar Pill

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Is there any way of getting rid of the white "pill bar" that appears on the bottom of the screen when you enable gesture navigation? It serves no purpose, and just sits there on top of ALL apps that are not in fullscreen, which is pretty much anything other than a video playback. Software is as up to date as possible.


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    As Zenui 7 is near to stock like experience if follows googles path. please note that This is default A10 behaviour even on pixel devices so there is no way to hide it until & unless Google does it.


  • I'd like to remove that, too. It burns the eyes unnecessarily...:-)

  • Ok, thanks for the reply. I guess that's it then, nothing we can do about it without rooting the phone. I have "The Pixel Experience" custom rom on my secondary phone, and the "hide pill bar" option is there, but I guess it's an addition to the custom rom what the stock Pixel android doesn't have. Shame, because it's a completely useless bar that reserves screen estate to something that has no purpose.

  • CVonCCVonC Level 2

    Totally agree, completely useless bar.

  • I just want you to know that I've made a note of this thread and added it to the others discussing the same thing.

  • Really, it is really annoying and useless @ For example, when you play PUBG, a blank appears at the bottom of the screen when you activate gesture navigation, as well as other programs

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