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VoLTE still missing for most countries

In the meantime the phone is available for almost six months. It's a shame that the device still does not support VoLTE in most countries (Switzerland in my case). For me this is one of the most important features.ASUS: Can you share any news on that...



Slow charging doesn't work

So I've been testing some settings for expanding the life span of my battery. But I noticed that although I turn on slow charging the charging status in the systems tab tell me it's still hypercharging. I just wanted to address this so it may get fix...

No 4g after update

After the latest up my 4G is not working anymore.ZenFone 7No root

Phone dead after a week of usage.

I have used the phone for less than a week. Two correct charge cycles. Nothing has happened to it. Now it stopped detecting charger present. I tried rebooting the phone and now it wont turn on. (The battery level was 15% earlier). Tried holding diffe...

Multiple users missing...

I just realized that the ROM does not support multiple users. Virtually every android since a long time has supported this. This is a very important feature.The problem is that max-users is set to 1 which makes using apps such as Island, Insular or S...