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7 pro heat

Hi!Does someone else have Hbo Nordic and Netflix heat issue?

How to use wired android auto without constantly changing the phone

There is an app called acubattery that allows you to set a charging level so when it reaches the set level it stops charging. So you simply set a level lower than the actual amount of charge your phone has and when you connect to your vehicle to use ...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Random Stuttering in Apps

Zenfone 7Pro on Software WW_29.14.53.14For a week now I experience so really weird behaviour on some Apps I use frequently, especially Reddit and Instagram.When using these Apps for longer periods, like 5min+ , it starts to stutter and have kinda lag...

Game Genie livestream sound bug

Very cool for YouTube livestream and game recording but the sound is scratching and cracking in livestream. Anyway which music player i use. What can i do ? I used already minimum volume.ZenFone 7 pro. Android 10.

Refresh rate

I don't know why but I always keep my refresh rate on 90Hz and not adaptive but for some reason it always force switches it to 60Hz and I can't change it unless I restart the phone

Android 11

The date of the arrival of Android 11 to the Zenfone 7 Pro phone

Dual band wifi and battery life or death

I just discovered that my new ZenFone 7 has dual band wifi capabilities and I am really impressed in the speed difference but , does it drain the battery faster? And does it affect the life of the battery.? I have come back to zenfones after a brief ...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Zenfone 7 - poor phone call quality

Hi. Having used my new Zenfone 7 device for a few days I immediately notice really bad performance in phone call quality (over gsm only, it works great otherwise - over Skype or WhatsApp voice). As I found out that seems to be the common problem here...

Hotspot client limit to only 8 clients.

So, for my disappointment android 10 & Zenfone 7 has limited hotspot clients to only 8 . Is there any fix for this in android 11 ? I use the phone as only connection at home too and i could barely live with 10 client limit, better if no limit at all.