UX580GD Replace only top case, whitout display

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My Zenbook Pro ux580gd fell on the floor from a considerable height and the top case is damaged. Both the hardware and the touch display are fully functional but I can't fold entirely the laptop. I detached the screen from the case (which was glued) and I tried to straighten the case but it's impossible to correct it perfectly so the display will stay a bit bended. So, my question is: do you think it's possible to find a case for the display, even though asus sells only the entire top of the laptop for $1000? I searched the internet but I didn't find the top case.....

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    this problem will get solved by asus service center immediately.

    but physical damage is not covered under warranty..

    dont use display to avoid more serious to get problems.

    there are some special company Which top and bottom cases with good quality, using those cases we can fitt.

    but display is from asus ( reputed manufacturer will produce display for asus).

    Go to service center , ask the person to look into this problem.

  • Thank you RAJU for your response but I already asked asus center in Europe and they told me that the only option is to change the entire top which costs 1000 eur. But of course, that's out of the question... The warranty is in USA where the laptop was bought but I live in Europe and anyway, I think already ended.. so the only option remained is to find a new case or to try to straighten as much as possible the damaged one... Do you know where I could find a seller for the top case?

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