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Hi guys,

I received the OTA upgrade from Android 10 to Android 11 on the 31st jan 2021.Its successful but I note that the App optimizer app is deleted automatically after the upgrade.This app was best to clear the cache in one go but unfortunately it is gone.Did anyone face this issue?

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  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 4

    Are you talking about the Mobile Manager ?

    Is it still in Settings > Advanced ...

    You can create a shortcut on your homepage.

  • No,thats not what I was talking about.There used to be an Optimization app .After the upgrade i saw the icon getting changed too but when i clicked on it it did nothing

  • Unfortunately,its not available.But looks more like old android icon

  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    The app was called Mobile Manager, and since I still have the latest version of Android 10, I took a screenshot for you (when cleaning cache files for all apps in one go).

    So, is this feature still present in A11 or not? @VS-KR

  • I have Mobile manager app bro.Thats still intact.Iam talking about Optimizer app

  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    I haven't heard of Optimizer and this app is not part of Android 10 on ZF6.

    You're talking all the time about some app that you self-installed that wasn't part of the system? Right?

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    This app came in built when I opened the phone for the first time (june 2019) and since it came by default I started using it and it was very handy indeed.On clicking the app it used to Optimize all the apps running at the background and also clear cache.After upgrading to android 11 it stopped working so I had to uninstall it or else i would have posted a screenshot of it.Anyway ,if that is how it works then i dont mind losing the app

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    Well, Mobile Manager is still present on Android 11 ...

    Honestly the only "Optimizing" things on the Zenfone range are :

    One tap to clear cache : storage/cleanup menu of mobile manager.

    One tap to kill unnecessary background app (exactly the same process in Game Genie) = memory cleaner that you find in mobile manager, on the notification panel, on your homescreen if you want, sometimes called "bOoSt" 🥴

    "Super clean mode" to kill even more services when you tap "Clear all" on recent apps : it's hidden in memory section of mobile manager.

    ( + "AI Boost" that is part of the system in the notification panel. )

    But mostly everything comes from Mobile Manager regarding optimization and all that stuff ... And nothing really changed since ZenUi 4 ... So I don't know what feature you are talking about

    What did your app icon looked like ? A rocket 🚀 ? An odometer ?

  • MonarkMonark Level 3

    I think he is telling the one tap to clear shortcut in home screen which can be created from mobile manager🤔

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