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Call history record gets automatically deleted

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May I know the exact model of the phone you are using? Were all the call records deleted or only a few of them?
Additionally, please check if it is possible that they were deleted by another third-party software.
[Phone] How to find and recognize the ZenFone model name?  
Thank you.

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Yesterday some more deletion took place. Now only a few of the call records from 21st May, 2023 to till date (16th June, 2023) remain.

Sir, no chance of 3rd party deletion of call records. Because, i used to have call history records of more than 16 months. Ok, so lets find out.

But otherwise my phone is working great. I wish it a long life.

Thanks sir



In order to eliminate the possibility of a software malfunction causing the issue, we recommend that you back up your data and restore the system before continuing to use it. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 


Dear Sir,

I reproduce below clarifications from google forum on call log retention for information. 

"Hi User

Welcome to the Google Phone app community forum.

Call log retention is determined by your phone manufacturer, and your carrier.  It is not in any way affected by the Google Phone app.  You can use any dialer you want, and they will all show you the same call history.  Older calls, usually determined by the number of calls, and not by dates, are cycled out of the phone to save on storage.

 You will need to contact your phone manufacturer, and/or your carrier if you'd like to suggest they have a longer retention period, so you can access more of your logs.

 Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for you to assist with this.

 I hope this answers your question!"

Dear Falcon-Asus Moderator

Sir in any case as per your recommendations i have already backed-up my data and shall immediately restore my system before using it. Thanks for your timely assistance and guidance. I appreciate it whole heartedly. Bye then i will be in touch with you. 

Thanks as always.

  • Regards.