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Task manager crashes when double tapping "recents" key

Star III

Issue: When "recents" key is quickly double tapped, the task manager crashes and it bounces back to same app. Home button must be tapped/pressed before using task manager again once crashed. If using third party launcher, pressing home button won't restart task manager, rendering third-party launcher unusable unless using navigation gestures.

Expected behaviour: When "recents" key is quickly double tapped, it should switch to next app, instead of task manager crashing and same app bouncing back.

Found in: Android 13, WW_33.0804.2060.73

Further notes: This bug used to always occur in Android 12, but in Android 13 (WW_33.0804.2060.73), it seems to be limited to  scenarios when switching between a Chromium based browser (sometimes Google maps and youtube too) and any other app (including another Chromium browser).

Screen recording has been attached demonstrating the issue when switching between Chrome browser and stock Gallery app. Recording was taken right after a factory reset, no apps were added/deleted/disabled and settings were unchanged compared to factory state. You can see Chrome keeps bouncing back when quickly double tapped instead of switching to Gallery. It only switches if double tapped slowly. You can also see at one point task manager doesn't automatically restart after crashing and tapping "recents" key does nothing until home button is tapped/pressed.



Rising Star I

Recent button broken in general after last two updates. Asus just keeps breaking the basic functions of the phone without care. 


Hey @zenfonenineuser,

The issue has been reported. I'll get back to you once I hear from the team.

It sometimes also happens with Google maps, original post edited. It's not reproducible like in Chromium browser case because it's random. 

It's also happening with youtube app