Can not charge Zenbook 14 UX425J - Maybe Power Delivery FW upgrade?

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  1. System: Bios 304, GOP 14.0.1033, EC Version 3.04
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: UX425J i5-1035G1
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always (after Update?)
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:


I have set up a new ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425J. After all Updates from Windows Update I installed also all Updates from the Driver Site. Now I can't charge it anymore and both USB-C ports a dead - is it possible that the Power Delivery FW upgrade V1.0 is not compatible? Why would it install then?

In Device-Manager the USDB-Device USM-USCI ACPI-Device is not functioning and the charing LED is of. I tested the charger on another device (it's working) and another charger without luck.

I reseted the bios to defaults and did a reset by pressing the button more than 50 sek.

PS: I have just 35% battery left. This device can only be charged via USB-C


  • Hello PJD,

    May I know where did this Power Delivery FW upgrade V1.0 came from? Windows update?

    If the adapter is not working anymore, please kindly bring both the adapter and the laptop to our service center for further examination.

    Both software and hardware need to be checked.

    Thank you.

  • PJDPJD Level 1

    Hi Blake!

    Thank you for the reply and sorry for the delay - I tried to find this (wrong) update. If you search the UX425J via www dot asus dot com/de/support/Download-Center/ you will find nothing - you have to type UX425 and you will get 2 models - since it as a new laptop I was sure it would be an 11 Gen, but it is 10 Gen!

    www dot asus dot com/de/Laptops/For-Home/ZenBook/ZenBook-14-UX425-11th-Gen-Intel/HelpDesk_BIOS/?model2Name=ZenBook-14-UX425-11th-Gen-Intel

    This is what I downloaded and installed - maybe this update should check if it is the right model? It is also possible that the broken USB-C port has a differend cause...


    Version V1.0

    2021/01/14 2.14 MBytes

    Power Delivery FW upgrade

    Power Delivery Performance optimization. !!!

    Caution: The process might take some time to finish. Please do not interrupt or restart system during the process!!!

    PS: Wanted to post yeterday, but always got "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links."

  • Hello PJD,

    Yes, UX425JA is 10th Gen CPU, UX425EA is 11th Gen, sorry for the confusion.

    If the driver is not on the list for your model, please kindly don't install it.

    Your feedback for the driver checking has been reported.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake, I am facing the same issue. My Zenbook UX425EA got updated with Power Delivery FW upgrade and now my USB C-ports aren't working. The laptop is just 2 months old. Could you please tell me how to solve this problem?

  • Hello pjoseph,

    May you help to specify if the type C port can be used for charging but not detecting other device?

    Thank you.

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