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Zenbook 15 UX534ftc Screenpad won't turn on (brand new laptop out of the box)

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: UX534FTC
Frequency of occurrence: brand new laptop - out of the box
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:just took my new zenbook out of the box and for my surprise the screenpad never turned on.I tried checking online if there is any special key combination that i needed to press in order to get it rolling, and the only mention I go was about pressing F6, which only shows me the option to enable or disable the touchpad. I find it strange that in most videos I found, the screenpad is already lit on - whilst in my case, the screen is just black as if it was a regular touch pad. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks in advnace 🙂

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Hello vil,
Please refer to below FAQ to reinstall the driver for your screenpad.
[Notebook] How to fix the ScreenPad 2.0 problems when it is not working properly on my ASUS notebook...Please be careful that the installation order must be followed.
Thank you.

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I found a solution to this problem.
It is necessary:
1. First install Windows without a Microsoft account
2. Install Windows updates from Microsoft Update.
3. Then install ASUS ScreenXpert Interface Driver.
4. Then install and run ScreenXpert (Windows Store App).
5. Then download ScreenPad Plus Optimizer, unzip and run.
6. Reboot the system.