Asus VivoBook F510-UA not detecting SSD in M.2 slot

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Okay, so my sister owns an F510-UA and wanted to upgrade to an SSD. She was previously stuck with the 1TB HDD that came with the laptop. So I opened the laptop up and did some research to learn that it uses the M.2 SATA interface.

I then ordered the Samsung 860 Evo M.2 SATA 512GB SSD. I've seen people put 512GB SSDs into this laptop online and they worked, so I'm confident there's no incompatibility issue.

I put it into the M.2 slot, carefully matching the pins. But it didn't detect it in the bios. Neither did Windows detect it. Worried the SSD was faulty, I put it into my own laptop (Acer Swift 3 - SF314-52G for reference) and the SSD worked flawlessly.

I checked online and it seems to be a common issue with this laptop that the M.2 SSD isn't detected.


* The SSD works

* It is compatible with the interface (SATA)

* BIOS and Windows do not detect it

Should I just update the bios and cross my fingers? It's on version 308 of the Asus BIOS Utility.


  • from your post I confirmed SSD is good.

    but it does not worked in asus laptop.

    I think deducting of maximum capacity of SSD is limited in your bios firmware , if nee firmware is available means update it.

    also try to re seat SSD in asus motherboard .

    few asus laptop support m.2 SSD sata 2280 and few supported only m.2 SSD nvme.

    I have x542uq , installed Samsung 860 Evo 1TB m.2 SSD sata.

    two seagate 2TB HDD are connected internally via sata.

    total space is 5TB

  • I just updated the BIOS from Ver. 308 to Ver. 312. No change.

    And my SSD is SATA, I checked before buying it and it has the 5pin/4pin split which NVME drives don't have. It should be compatible.

    As for the maximum capacity, I've seen other people online put in 512GB drives into this slot on the F510UA, and it worked.

    I have no idea what to do from now on. It just isn't detecting the drive in BIOS. I don't have a 256gb SATA M.2 on hand to check if there's a firmware limit on storage... but there shouldn't be because I HAVE seen others put in Crucial MX500 and WD Blue 500GB variants into this.

  • sorry for the unconvince.

    one thing you can do , buy m.2 SSD sata convertor to USB 3.0 enclosure , price rupees 800 in offline shop.

    put your m.2 SSD in enclosure and connect it via USB port in your laptop.

    and see windows gets deducted or not.

    I using Samsung 860 Evo 1000GB m.2 SSD sata 2280 size

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