Display problems and feature addition

ZenNiniZenNini Level 1
edited January 2021 in ZenFone 7 Series

Now after roughly a week with the new Zenfone I have realized a few problems with the screen and would like to know if I have faulty one. The brightness changes very abruptly when I change windows. For example if I am inside the settings menu, it changes its brightness constantly just by going from menu to menu. Can I turn this off or will there be a software update for it? (This happens with adaptive brightness on and off)

The screen is also very blue for my taste, is there a way the night mode can be increased even further?

My last point is something my old OnePlus had, that you should really add. As you already have gesture control when the screen is off, it would be great if you could add an option to turn the flash light on and of with a gesture.


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