ROG Phone 3 is lagging noticeably after Last update!!!!!

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ASUS ROG Phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: 17.0823.2009.99
  3. Rooted or not: Not Rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always!!
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Every App!!!

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


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After updating the phone, I noticed that the phone lags a little while doing anything like gaming, surfing, chatting, etc. The phone was absolute beast and was so smooth but after the update it lags a bit. Also before the update, there was very little black crush issue but after the update it is very prominent. I think the update has messed up the display calibration.

Also, I have set the refresh rate on 120Hz on the day it was delivered to me. So, the auto refresh rate is not the problem.

Please help!!!

EDIT: I forgot, after the update the camera is also lagging very much. It lags so much that it looks like I am using a camera on a phone which was released 10 years ago!!!


  • You can either factory reset your phone,or wait till the December update drops

  • My device was also lagging. Factory reset solved it. Although I think this shouldn't happen. Being a new phone, restoring wasn't much of an issue as I am still in the process of moving on from my old phone. Factory resetting a daily driver is a tough job.

  • Can you provide us with a screen recording, or try to be more specific with what you mean? Anything that can make it easier to pinpoint the problem you are facing. 🙂

  • I will wait for the December update, I don't want to factory reset the phone now!!!

  • That is why I am not obliged towards factory reset cause my previous phone is damaged so all my data have been transferred to this phone. It will took too much time before I can reset it!!!

  • I have not recorded my screen because it may not be noticeable in the video. The phone lags a little while using the phone for Gaming(Getaway 2, COD), scrolling the feed on Instagram and Facebook. it is like having a hiccup while scrolling but more frequently and while gaming you can experience frame drop. Normal eyes can't spot these issues but since I am using the device from the start, I can clearly see something is wrong with it.

    BUT I can give you the screen recording of Camera app because it is the only app in my phone which lags very much. I will send the recording to you separately. Please give me your E-mail ID!!!

    Also, I forgot to mention that after the update, the phone drains battery faster when it is NOT being used. For example, If I use my phone for 20min gaming, it will drop the charge from 100% to 89-91% which is good. If I use the phone for 30 min social media, it will drop the charge from 100% to 94-95%. But when I go to sleep at night after fully charging the device, it will drop the charge from 100% to 89-90% in the morning when I wake up. And I have narrowed this problem to the auto-start manager. Even when many apps are not allowed to auto start, they somehow still start causing battery drain. I tried allowing all and then restricting all together, it worked for 3-4 days and the battery also drained from 100% to 98-99% during the night, BUT then again the battery drain occurred.

    Send me you Mail ID so I can send you the screen recording of camera App!!!!

  • Please MOD reply!!

  • @Gustav_ASUS Any chance it will be fixed in the coming update? Also, Previously, Fix for Face unlock interfering with fingerprint unlock did not include in the last update, will it be included in the coming update?

  • Where is new update Asus team

  • @anish.aryancutie28 Let's wait and see how youe phone operates after the coming firmware update then. Be sure to mention me again after you've updated (and rebooted) your phone and we can take it from there. 👍️

  • Excuse me but "let's wait and see"? Pardon my insolence but it sounds to me like you guys don't know the exact release date of the FOTA and its contents. Do you guys even have access to that type of information in the first place because from what I've observed, all you mods do in this forum is:

    1. Take suggestions and tell the OP "I'll pass this along to the devs" yet we don't even know if you all do that.

    2. Ask OP to update and check if the update hopefully has the fix and if not, instruct OP to do troubleshooting steps and let them wait for an eternity for the fix or tell them to wait for the next update and see if there's a fix.

    3. Tell everyone to wait for the update and check if it fixes everything.

    4. Tell assuring statements which are obviously lies.

    5. Rummage around the forum.

    Sorry if i offend anyone but that's just my observation.

  • Wow you actually took the bait. I figured if I'd insult the mods, you'd be offended once you read this seeing as you always act like a mod even though you aren't and boy, I wasn't wrong. And yes, when i said "if i offend anybody" i was referring specifically to you, Mr. Know-it-all. Partially to the mods as well since this applies to them also but mostly i was just trying to find out your goal here in this forum and now i have. So by kissing ASUS' and the mods' asses and sucking their anus dry with your rowdy lips, how do you feel about your actions huh? Do you hope that one day they'll notice your prick-like attitude and actually grant you a seat in the company, make you an actual mod with an arrogant attitude? Actually, scratch that, I don't want to start another argument with you, a moron, so this is gonna be my last reply on this thread.

  • I'm sorry if my post above came across as a bit blasé, that was not my intention. I'm in contact with the original poster over PM about his issue, so don't worry. 🙂

    @nightmaster552 Please remember to keep a cool head and try to be friendly toward other users. I've deleted your post as to avoid any further discussion that won't lead anywhere good.

    Happy holidays to you both!

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  • @Craven This should go without saying, but the same standard applies to you as well. (And all other users on Zentalk.) Please don't stoop to using that kind of language when talking about other users, even if you happen to disagree with each other.

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