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After the recent update my Zenfone6 keeps fluctuating display color. Like as if the night light mode keeps going on and off. Literally it keeps happening every now and then. It's not that drastic but it's a little irritating. It started happening after a recent update 3-4 days ago. Can someone help ?


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    I have also observed this ,it happens many times and it's particularly hard when you r trying to read something

    But i don't know if it's chromes fault or the update itself

  • I've been finding this happening mainly with chrome. The only other time I've seen this would be if any HDR content is displayed on the screen. A slight pink/warm tone comes on. It's really noticeable with white backgrounds on webpages

  • I thought I was the only one facing this issue. It is happening while I'm using Chrome. I haven't noticed with any other applications (maybe I don't use much app). But it all started with latest update.

    "The screen goes from reading mode to vivid mode for few seconds and shifts back to reading mode again".

    I've tried adjusting the display settings. But doesn't seem to work. Any workarounds?

  • Glad to hear others also facing this problem. Yeah it only happens with chrome and on certain pages. Any solution. Someone please help

  • It's a chrome issue. Please use the help & feedback option in Chrome menu to report it. The more users that report this issue, the faster Google will fix it


  • Turning off "Wide Color Gamut" in the display settings (change it to standard) fixes the issue for me, but it's a real bummer that that's the solution because the screen looks much better with wide color gamut on

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