Fan coming on in sleep mode and other issues with new laptop

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: Vivobook X412FA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Daily
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Basically, I have a new vivobook (not even a month out the box!) which I use only for work, i.e. webcam, word processor, internet.

I leave it in sleep mode over night. The fan keeps coming on at night at full power. It's loud enough to wake me up and won't stop until the computer is forced to shut.

I've even had this happen when it was awake too. I forced it to shut down and when I restarted a few minutes later, it continued happening. I had to let it rest for a while before I could start it without the fan coming on at full power.

This is not an issue of overheating. The fan comes on at night when the computer has been sleeping for hours.

Besides that, down one side of the screen, when viewed from an oblique angle, there are bright marks/lines. I have no idea what has caused them as I have used this laptop very little. They seem to be worsening.

Finally, from time to time, the touchpad fails to recognise input, such as when scrolling on a page. This happens fairly frequently.

Kind of disappointed tbh. All I wanted was a basic laptop for work and in less than one month of light use it has developed more issues than the pos dell I had for five years. :/


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