Still waiting for some feature requests.

About a month and a half ago, I posted some requests here. The mods replied to my threads saying they'll forward them to the dev team. Most of my requests were basically:

1. To unlock the 144hz screen refresh rate when using Game Genie's Screen recorder. Current screen recorder settings caps the screen to 120hz and I have to use a 3rd party (paid) screen recorder instead as a workaround.

2. Option for hiding the Screen recording widget or making it even smaller when recording as it takes up some screen space.

3. Game Genie sidebar should also display the battery percentage for easier battery info access when navigation blocking is enabled.

4. ROG Cetra ANC earphones power consumption optimization. My problem? It still uses a significant amount of power even when i turn off the ANC. I can understand it will drain my battery faster if I use the ANC feature but for it to still use the same amount of power when the ANC isn't even on, it makes no sense.

I feel like number 1 should be prioritized. One of the reasons why i got this phone was the 144hz refresh rate. For me to only view the screen at a slightly sluggish 120hz when gaming+recording, it just isn't acceptable. I spent 50k on this device, make me feel like it please.


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