Zenfone 5z YouTube does not shows 1080p video

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Guys anyone faced this thread because I had seen 1080p video in my 5z now if you search 1080p video in youtube but I get quality of 1080p only. I don't know why.....#christine_Asus


  • Update the app n clear data, then try, hope it works.

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    Bandwidth can be still defaulted to standard definition on some regions around the globe due to the quarantines and lockdowns that CoViD-19 caused, check other streaming services or confirm it by calling your network service provider.

    If you have a confirmation, you can bypass it by using YouTube Vanced's "Ignore resolution limit" option.

    If it's not you case, enter the YouTube app and...

    1. Touch your profile picture (if you are logged in) or a gear icon (if not) on the upper right corner of the screen.
    2. Choose "Settings",
    3. then "General".
    4. If the "Mobile data limit" option is turned on, make sure to turn it off if you want to watch YouTube videos in HD without Wi-Fi.
  • @BrunoF20 @amitgarde3 Recent days only I noticed that my 5z youtube app does not show 1080p video resolution it shows only 480p resolution streaming I don't know why it's happen. I used Jio network provided (India). Any one faceing this issue or not. Kindly help to rectify or its bug? @Christine_ASUS

  • candytech. in/youtube-updates/

    Remove space.

  • Thats because Few OTT including youtube platforms have decided to go with limited resolution in some countries due to covid-19 pandemic to avoid load on servers n networks as everyone these days are working from home

    So for now 480p quality is limited on every carrier service in india for youtube, that is reason you will not be able to stream beyond 480p but dont worry! This is not permenant decision

    Limitation of 480p has been lifted up for wifi networks few days ago but not for any cellular network note this

    Only solution for now to stream on full hd is in vanced youtube by turning on VPN 😉


  • Try deleting the youtube app and clear All app data for Youtube from the settings panel. And try again.

    Or you can try out soft reset on your zenfone 5z which won't delete any apps and your data

    Hope it was helpful.

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