Zenfone 7 Huge problem with camera, latest Sept Update 29.13.7. 24



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    @ASUS make your "tuning" accessible through settings. These kind of changes should be accessible to users who want particular look of their photos.

  • I am praying hard they fix this on the next update. Otherwise I have no choice. I already cant use the Google Pay app because once you unlocked the bootloader, there is no way of locking it back. Extremely disappointed

  • You will also will not be able to get updates through fota app if you have unlocked the bootloader.

  • @veeharish2005 i wish i have known all of this that I cannot downgrade to a previous firmware. I feel like I spent $1000 dollars on a device Im unhappy about.

  • I think you should have waited a little bit before unlocking the bootloader because Asus zenfone 6 got a lot of update to improve the skin colour, colour science, sharpness (the problem you are facing) and hdr.

    You can still update your device by downloading the update file from asus's website and manually update your device.

  • Many thanks @veeharish2005 i am really praying the next update wpuld solve all my dillemas. And yes in the mean time, i would need to download from the website. If I do that would it wipe my device again? 😕

  • No, it will not wipe your storage, I have manually updated my device a lot of times.

    (Tip: if you are having any issue ,there is a big chance that your issue will be fixed if you update your device manually)

  • I do not know if you read the DXOmark review of the zenfone 7 pro. They do also noticed the unnatural texture of faces with the pictures they took. The device got a score of only 115. In my opinion it is the rate it deserves because of a lot of small drawbacks like that unnatural look.

  • My only hope is the next update. Even now, when I am taking a front video, the face is dark. I ended up using Note 20 as it takes nice videos and selfies. I am really saddened with this issues. Since the last update, I barely take front facing pictures as my Note 20 does a better job at rendering, and the videos as well.

  • I took some pics from dxomark to compare them. Each time the z7pro fails in terms of rendition of the skin. It's even much noticeable with darker skins (i'm myself mixed so i've a brown skin). This is the issue that i'm facing and what Charles is talking about. The texture/sharpness is a normally processed.

  • Anybody noticed that the latest firmware was pulled out of the zenfone bios download website? I am anticipating the next update, I hope they fixed and improved the camera 🙏

  • Fingers crossed 🤞.

  • i cant seem to download the new hot fix update in the asus website today. everytime I click download it says file not found. how am I going to update if I can't dow load over the air due to my bootloader getting unlocked?

  • @Anders_ASUS please respond to him because he can't update his device through fota.

  • Same for me, i cannot download the file. File Not found issue.

  • @veeharish2005 thanks alot!!!! i tried downloading from the asus website is says file error 404 - file not found. have u upgraded to this hotfix? did they improve the selfie pictures or is it the same sharp contrast on faces?

  • still file not found. i hope asus fixes this. does any know what will happen after october and im still stuck with this firmware? my main problem is if i update to the new firmware and the faces have high contrast and sharpness again.

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    This link should work. It worked for me : https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/ZenFone/ZS670KS/UL-I002D-WW-

  • @laurent.francois.elie thanks alot! its hard to figure this out. did u figure it on your own? updating now. hoping my amera doesnt go back to the same problem I had. will keep you posted

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    First photo one is from the latest hotfix update

    second photo is from


    I am getting really upset about this and I am seriously frustrated.

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