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Zenfone 8 unable to switch on wifi or hotspot

Star I

Model: ZENFONE 8 16GB + 512GB (ZS590KS)

Firmware: Android 13 official update

Rooted or not: Stock and i've only been receiving official updates from Asus

Frequency of Occurence: Only recently when I've decided to turn off the wifi and use mobile data and i've no longer been able to turn on my wifi and hotspot anymore. I've restarted my phone multiplw times and even did multiple cold boots and both wifi and hotspot no longer works.

I've checked on the forums in regards to this issue and the frequency of occurence seems to be very common after the Android 13 update and some users even reported that their wifi and hotspot doesn't work even after downgrading to Android 12. Why does the update seem to halt the wifi and hotspot functionality? 



According to what you described, please refer to the following FAQ to try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problem first. 

If the issue persists, I have PM you for confirming your product warranty.
Please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Well you see, the problem here is that my hotspot and wifi refuses to turn on at all after the android 13 update (im suspecting hardware damage) so I wont even be able to reach that step in the FAQs. 

My product warranty is already expired and the android 13 update came way after that as well so I'm out of luck if I have to send this device for repairs since i'll be quoted the price of a new motherboard. 

This guy had a similar issue as mine, both Wifi and Hotspot refuses to turn on at all and he resulted to sending back to the service center and luckily for him, his was still under warranty so they replaced his whole motherboard.