Setting external monitor as primary shifts Zenbook Duo ScreenPad+ above main display, cannot change

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  1. System: Zenbook Duo
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX481FLY
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Every time
  5. Reset OS: Brand new unit
  6. Screenshot or video: Below


Detailed description: I have a dual monitor set-up. If I try to position either of the external monitors (top left or right) as my primary display, Windows shifts the ScreenPad+ above the main laptop display (see screenshot). I have tried every possible configuration and this cannot be changed.

External monitors are plugged in via a USB 3.0 Plugable dock, HDMI and DVI.

What is going on? This is unacceptable considering my workflow.


  • Hello Steve123,

    Does this happen if you connect only 1 external monitor (total 3 monitor)?

    And which project mode is it when the issue happen? Extend or Duplicate?

    Thank you.

  • Steve123Steve123 Level 1
    edited September 2020

    Yes, it happens only with 1, doesn't matter which monitor

    I extend all my monitors, never use duplicate.

  • Come on Asus. This is not cool!

  • Hello Steve123,

    If you put monitor 2 back to "below monitor 1"?

    and can I have the complete monitor setting screenshot? or a video would be helpful.

    I myself tried many time, but did not have similar issue.

    Thank you.

  • You really don't think I tried dragging monitor 2 back below 1, seriously?

    You have tried, so you have a Zenbook Duo connected to 2 external displays as well? I've updated all DisplayLink drivers, I've done every single troubleshooting step I can think of.

  • Blake, this is starting to get quite irritating, not the best customer service for my first Asus experience...

  • Guess you guys don't actually care about your customers?

  • It's almost been another month. Can you please provide me some help?

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