Getting Charging port abnormalities reminder even after not charging the phone

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  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 2
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  3. Rooted or not: Not Rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Frequent
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Getting above error with bell sound everytime I use the phone. I am clueless and very much disappointed by this. During this pendamic I don't want to vist a service center. This is not even a year completed. Please help if you can.

It all started last week when I got a reminder while charging the phone with bottom charging port. I use the supplied charger all the time. After searching online I got to know that it might be because a damaged port at buttom and as suggested by other user I started using side usb port for charging. Not from yesterday I am continuously getting this reminder even after not charging the phone. Buttom port is not charging at all. I am afraid if side port also gone I have to abandon this phone. Please note I have restarted my phone several time from yesterday and this error pops of after restart. Plz help. I suspect this is software issue than hardware issue.


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    Service centre is definately the best option. You can try it in Safe Mode to see if it happens? Dust can gather in the ports, so I would give it a big blow (dont blow inside, blow from the side). If you are really careful, get a vacuum cleaner and let ot suck the dust from the inside but again, do it side ways and not directly facing the port.

  • I will also try cleaning the port using small vacuum cleaner or blower. Going to service center is not possible for next 3-4 months as I am staying in my village during this pandemic , which is at least 500Km away from any nearest service center. I started using the phone in safe mode and for 5-6 hours that bell sound and notification did not appear and phone also started responding to usb charging. Than again same issue appear even in SAFE mode. And now phone stops responding to side USB port as well. No charge happening. :(

    As I searched more got to know that it might happen due to android update to 10. Than I followed the procedure to downgrade my phone to android 9 and did it with all steps mentioned in asus website. Now phone is running android 9 .. and BOOM in 1 minute same notification error pops up. I am gone . It is so laughable a HIGHly spec phone of 2019 is not even lasted for 1 year with out hardware issue.

    At this point I knew I have to take this phone to a service center. So after the Pandemic I will do it. Till that time how to survive? common, this is just a phone. I have a spare 1500rs jio phone. I will use it, to remind me all the time HIGH spec doesnot matter in mobile phones. I have to earn harder and save each penny to buy a iPhone. yes planning to leave android it self. After using 5 android mobiles in last 4 years this is what i conclude. waste of time.

  • See it's all about QUALITY CONTROL.

    Apple does it better (not perfect) than any other brands. You have piece of mind that nothing will go wrong, and even if did their first response will "This should not happen", whereas most brands' service center will say " Have you used it properly?, Is there user damage?"

    This right here the big difference, and that decides whether you can retain customer or not.

  • Hi @[email protected],

    I understand your concern. The best solution for this would be to visit service center and get the device checked.

    Still, have you tried factory reset once?

    Also, can you share your phone's firmware version?

    Go to setting => About => Software information.

  • I will visit a service center in coming months right now staying in remote village. I have done factory reset once before downgrading to android 9 from android 10.

    Firmware version:

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