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Charging Port temperature abnormalities reminder

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Hi All, 

I have an ASUS Rog 3. Recently the speakers' voice got distorted and today out of nowhere I have started getting this notification 'Charging Port temperature abnormalities reminder. It also sometimes shows 'Analog audio device detected'. 

Note: My phone wasn't charging when this notification popped. It wasn't a very hot day either and I wasn't playing any heavy games. 

The phone was just sitting there while I was working and next thing I know I have all these messages popping up over and over again and I can't do anything properly. 


Please assist. 



Hi @rprashantkr 


Thank you for reaching out. 


Can you try doing a factory reset of your device? 


If that doesn't help, the best solution would be to visit your nearest service center to get your phone checked out.



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Community Manager
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