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Rog phone 3 Performance stress test no.2

Zen Master I
Been a while since I made a post regarding this topic,but you can find the no.1 in my profile

The link is for my video where you can watch it on 1080p 60fps and in this video I test the frame rate while the phone heats up from the "lowest" possible degree all the way to the highest
X mode was on with maxed out hardcore tuning with the cooler on lvl 3 and with a room temperature of around 27 Celsius and an outside temperature of around 0 Celsius,which helped to lower it to the lowest degree
(A reminder that this was on .99 so the performance may vary a bit)
At the end of the video you will see the game settings for proof that it was giving everything it had
In the future I will upload more videos on my channel regarding gaming tests and I'll again open threads to show you where the phone fluctuates and where it doesn't,so stay tuned