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Hi Team,

I am using Assus ROG2 and i have updated the latest fare work. Today ( 27/07/2020 ) i am facing one issue that all of a sudden my phone vibrated now its ROG logo in my screen with Black back ground and The ROG back light is contantly flashing red. Now i am unable to restart my phone nothing is working properly, its not even a year i have purchased ROG-2 facing this issue first time. Now i think until the battery gets drained i wont be able to do any thing. Please help me in this situation.


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    Did you manage to boot up when you upgraded?

    If not, I would recommend leaving it on until it is done to prevent it from being bricked.

    If yes, then you can forcefully shut down by keeping a holdg on volume down and power keys together for a few seconds.

  • Yes after the patch update i have done boot-up. Now i have manage to restart my phone holding power and down volume button. My question is like " is there some thing wrong with my phone? Not even a year i have purchased this phone. 13th December i have purchased this phone last year. I am really worried about my phone.

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    If this is happening one off, then I probably won't worry about it.

    If it happens regularly, do report back here.

    By the way, do you have the word "Tencent" on the backcover of the phone?

  • No i dont have that.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    It's good you don't have the word "Tencent" on the back with the global (WW) firmware.

    Like I've said, if it is happening frequently, then do feel free to create a new post or use this post to raise the concern.

    Also, whenever we get the next update, do keep an eye out to see if it happens.

  • Sure, Thanks for the Support ..... :)

  • Dokładnie to samo miałem dzisiaj. Coś chyba kombinują bo ta ostatnia aktualizacja nie należy do najlepszych telefon wiesza się w dziwnych momentach. Jestem pewien że telefon masz sprawny tylko ta aktualizacja namieszała. Szkoda że wrzucają nie testowane aktualizacje i nie ma możliwości cofnięcia się do wcześniejszej wersji, bez wachania wrócił bym do wcześniejszej ponieważ działał o wiele lepiej.

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