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45 degree is only a bit too hot for you ?

Rising Star II


please do elaborate more as this NEVER happen on android 13, and it's only happen after android 14 update pushed to us. On android 13 the highest temperature my phone can reach is 42, and that was from using only mobile data and usage outside room without air conditioner or fan for 2 hours. Now even with wifi and air conditioner it will reach 44 temp with only  20 mins of usage.

Does ASUS have no  intention to find or fix the current problem related to performance and overheating on android 14 on the next update ?

I'm waiting for your explanation 3x24 from now. Fail to respond means that you as representative from ASUS do neglect us as customer and I'll began to draft a lawsuit against ASUS. Tomorrow i'll take writen confirmation from ASUS service center regarding this issue.



Rising Star I

We should apply a lawsuit on Asus their A.S.S they are scamming their consumers 


The teams are looking at the logs and looking at what could be the issue.
Most of the temperatures received in the logs are within the normal temperature threshold for a phone.
I can't give you an explanation personally as I am not the one making the information, I am the one writing the information received from the devs and I will not make up information that is not written.

Asus is an lying scummy brand who hates their consumers and lie to them nothing is normal at all you think 47 to 50 degrees is normal ?????? This shame of a brand called Asus is now on droidwin site so the whole world can read how bad Asus is selling phones for 1400 dollar and gets a product worth less than 300 dollar shame on you Asus get your A.S.S whooped lawsuit incoming 


Please forward these logs to the dev teams and ask them to take a close look at these logs cuz all are above normal temperatures. (45 and 47 C). I hope they don't say they are normal and within the threshold.