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Rog phone 6 A14 bug's

Star II

All of us who have upgraded to A14 expected a better performance on the device, many of us did it manually, others via OTA, etc... 


Unfortunately this new software WW-34.0210.0210.0210.241, has brought with it many problems, of those I have experienced are as follows:


Flickering of the lock screen, ghost notification (arrive and are deleted), poor optimization in games (loss of stability 120fps drop :droplet:), overheating reaching the degree of exceeding the barrier of 45 ° C, and also bug in the automatic refresh rate that does not correctly detect how many fps has to be the screen, Call forwarding( even without having the forwarding active) ....


Other problems I have seen are with Bluetooth (which I did experience once), problems with SIM registration, and problems with the lighting of the ROG logo, as well as crashes in applications such as the camera, alarm and among other things ...


Unfortunately this update instead of bringing benefits and give a polished against the previous software to be a high-priced gamer phone, leaves much to be desired, because it took a long time to receive updates and many of its applications are not optimized, some of the options of ROG Genius are still in Beta, the Rog phone 8 also has some problems so hopefully with an update patch manage to correct and not let the device die ....


Star I

Me too. I regret buying this expensive sh1t to experience this kind of problem. Better buy Iphone . I cant use messenger camera when I call.  This piece of trash phone

Star I

Same the camera keep on bagging and not opening even after any kind of the support ways