Battery draining faster in update .165

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Is it just me or after the update .165, I've noticed that the battery is discharging quickly than the previous update (.153). Usually I get up to two days on a full charge but after the update it's just a full day and I have to charge it again.


  • yeah, for the first time I have this phone I experience battery draining more fast than usual in this 165 firmware

  • I am facing a huge like every time I need to lock and unlock for something to happen

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    What do battery statistics say? Is there an application that deviates in consumption after the update?

    Read this thread too:

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    I read that thread too and this was an observation after I updated my phone. My settings are almost no auto start on apps (maybe 5 apps are active), kills background app is on, battery care is good, regular check my mobile care and optimising it. As mentioned above it usually last about 40-48 hours before the update now it only last less than 24 hours.

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    For me the battery is +/- still the same update after update.

    I am using AccuBattery, so I can post my actual full battery time estimates:

    Compare it with my post from October 2019:

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    Discharging rate seems to be much faster, also the sudden heatup upon opening camera app, and while playing games

    Overall backup was poor and need to charge before EOD

    **battery stats within system or 3rd party apps are not so accurate all the times,

    Observed all these for 10 days and reverted back to Pie,

    and phone is much better as it was !

  • We can't see any sign of battery drain issue in the latest update. We always see a thread like this with every new update and only once did we actually see that there was a battery drain issue that affected a lot of users. The drain originated in the latest Facebook app and Facebook fixed the issue only one week after but in that time we saw multiple threads by a huge number of users.

    So the drain you are experiencing is most likely caused by a new app, or a newly updated app, or a new user behaviour that you haven't reflected upon. I myself noticed that my battery had gone down drastically 1 month ago and investigated why. It turned out that I was frequently using an app for finding used cars. An app that I've always had installed and used maybe once per week but now every time I opened the app (every 30 min) to check the latest ads it stayed active for maybe 15 min after I closed the app and put my phone in stand-by. Because of this, the app kept the phone awake most of the time. I only checked the app for maybe 1 minute every time so this was not something I thought would consume power. Unfortunately Android battery stats leaves a lot to be desired so it is not always that the total consumption from this kind of usage will be visible.

    This is just one example of a million things that can cause your phone to drain more power than normal.

    Because there are so many factors, there will always be someone else who is also experiencing battery drain. Just because someone says "It happens to me too" doesn't mean it is because of the latest firmware.

    Here are some instructions that I always post when someone mentions battery drain

    1. Restart your device more often. It solves more issues than you would think.
    2. go to system settings -> battery -> powermaster -> auto-start manager and prevent all the apps to auto start that you don't need a notification from.
    3. go to system settings -> advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Memory cleaner -> Turn on Super Clean mode -> enter app list and uncheck any app that you must get notifications from -> go back -> open recent apps overview and press clear all.
    4. Restart your phone again

    These instructions will only help if you have a battery draining app that you're not constantly using like in my case.

    But keep in mind what I just told you and monitor your battery life over a couple of days.

    Sometimes it's something on your cellular or wifi network that's causing your drain. To test this, put your phone in flight mode (mobile data, wifi & BT off) before you go to bed. Do not plug in your charger. If you have lost more than 1% of battery per hour of sleep, then there might be a bug in the system that we have to investigate.

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    I'll try this and thanks for the response!

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