Phone screen broke from inside, no falls, no rough handling!

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My phone screen just cracked from the inside, all of a sudden. I was using it normally until I went for dinner - I locked the screen, kept it away. Upon returning and trying to unlock the phone, the screen went half black and weird colors were showing up and the touchscreen wasn't working at all. The phone has never been dropped and it's been just 3.5 months since purchase. The outer gorilla glass is completely fine, only the inside is cracked at the edge.

I searched around and found this:

My question is, how is this even possible? How can the phone screen break (and from the inside!) without any rough handling? I even googled and found that there are many users who are having (or had) this issue. Were some phones defective? Or is there some design flaw?

P.S. I am really sad. I just paid up my final EMI for this phone yesterday morning and was so happy and today it broke :(. I will be taking this to the service center tomorrow and hopefully, ASUS will not disappoint me.


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    The only way I can think off is hard pressing on screen while it's warm/hot, which is unlikely in many cases, therefore only thing left would be defective phone. You are doing the right thing by taking it to a Service Centre though and we wish you good luck.

  • So, I did not want this thread to become a rant, but here it goes...

    Day 1: Went to the service center, showed the guy the phone, told him what happened. He said it will cost 16K. I asked him to explain to me how could the phone screen break from the inside blah blah blah. He told me to contact customer care, and if "they approve", you won't be charged anything. Sadly, it was sunday and asus customer support is only available between mon-sat, so I had to wait. I came home.

    Day 2: Contacted Asus Customer care, the guy listened well and told me this exact thing: "If there is some natural damage, then you will not be charged anything for the repairs.". He told me to go to the service center and they would "diagnose" my phone to determine if the damage made was natural or forced.

    So I went back to the service center, this time it was some new guy. I explained everything again, told him I contacted customer care, etc etc etc. He just looked at the screen and told me that it will be considered out of warranty. He didn't even look at the Crack at the edge on the touch screen inside, so I pointed that to him, explained how the gorilla glass is fine but the inside is damaged, etc etc. He then told me again to contact customer care, and get an approval for free repair. I contacted customer care again, told them everything. He told me the same thing, "Contact the service center". I told him what the service center people told me. The customer care guy finally said that some senior from Asus will contact me back and he sending me a confirmation email of the same. I said ok, and the call ended. I came home. Oh, on a sidenote, I asked him if he wanted to see the pics of the phone at the place at which its broken, he said that that's not needed.

    I didn't receive any mail. I am not even sure if I am getting that call from Asus senior officials.

    So far, I am very disappointed because the after sales service is very poor for such a premium phone. I had to travel to a service center that is about 40KM from my home, so I have travelled a distance of 160KM just to hear that some senior will contact me.

  • Sorry, for the last comment. It won;t allow me to edit it.

    Any help for this @Christine_ASUS ? Can you at least instruct the team to diagnose my phone properly instead of just looking it at it and charging me money?

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