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Camera not working properly, phone rebooting

Star III

This is another camera thread....
I have newest update installed. 34.0210.0210.260
- is missing portrait mode
- is missing front camera button
- photos are blurry - For example I cannot my identity in ryanair app
- when opening camera inside apps like messenger screen is often black
- randomly phone crashes when I open camera app

This is unacceptable. I thought about switching to the ROG 8, but after reviewing there threads that contain similar problems to the rog 6 then I think I will choose another device if this won't be resolved soon....



Hello @Stalkjer 

This could be a hardware issue, you can test it by going to the calculator and pressing ".12345+=" and selecting Single test > Front Camera1 test.

If this fails then I would advice contacting your closest ASUS Service Center.

Based on amount of other users threads with camera and amount of errors even some tagged as Serious Exceptions! in logger (coming from various libraries used by Camera) after doing tests in tool you provided I doubt this is hardware issue.  My warranty period is gone long time ago so sending phone to Service Center is not an option.
It seems update for ROG 6 to android was not properly tested and it is flawed. I regret updating to Andorid 14

Im confused by the instruction. 
When im in the Single Tests and choose Camera 1 test (or any of the  camera tests) it says:
"Note this test is try to take a picture with the specified QR Code"

What QR Code??

When i go to test anyway, it only has a camera icon i assume to take the photo with, which it does... but simply says something is wrong with camera test. i assume because im not taking a photo of whatever QR code its talking about.

Also... because i have the same issue as so many others with this whole boot loop thing from opening camera apps.
If i do this camera test and assuming it is the hardware... what can i expect the test to show? simply that "it failed' or will it specify anything.... additionally... if the test comes back fine... does that mean its then an android / software issue as opposed to the hardware issue? Ive only had this issue since Android 14 update... suddenly all these boot loop issues and yay me it all began happening a couple of weeks out of warrenty!