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Just bought the ROG Phone 7 vanilla, encountered a bug/problem. Help?!

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Hi guys, I'm new here. I just received my Rog Phone 7, completed the update marathon and now been using it for two days now and I just discovered that when I plug in my headsets (Sony MDR-XB75AP and MDR-EX650AP) and using WhatsApp then make a video call, the call sound came out from my speakerphone, but if I try to make a voice call it'll came out just fine inside my headsets, but the light sensors still active so it turned off the screen whenever my fingers are on top of it, so I could not make a call while I'm gaming or browsing. I've tried to check my settings and my WhatsApp settings but seems like there's none to set up where the audio output supposed to come from, while in my OG ROG Phone and ROG Phone 5s that didn't happen at all. Please help?


Oh for a record, my WhatsApp account is still open on both ROG Phone 5s and 7 sharing the same account, and also the WhatsApp was installed after the Clone Phone app in Asus (transferring my data from my 5s to 7, then I uninstall then reinstall again due to the problem, and they're still existing. I wonder if my profile being shared between phones is affecting this. Thanks guys ya'll the best!



Hi and thanks for your question!
Out of curiosity, does this also happen while on normal calls? Or is this only on WhatsApp?

Only on whatsapp. Normal call is just fine. I wonder what should I do

After doing the marathon update I think it could be good to make a reset, this way you'll have a clean start and might get rid of the issue.
Try doing that 😄

Nope, problems still existed after the hard reset... Ugh...