Rog Phone 2 Display broke inside with no physical damage at all.

edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

I bought this phone on 31st December 2019. Everything was going great gaming experience was good and I was totally happy with my phone until 2 days before when suddenly my phone screen touch stopped working, I was unable to understand the issue and reason behind it then my screen started turning bluer and bluer then, So I switched off the phone because of nervousness and then later in when I tried starting it the whole screen was blacked out. I could have hear only phone restart sound but screen was complete black. Later I noticed a small break inside the screen although there is no physical damage in outer part of phone not even a Scratch I was using silicon case with my phone. So I contacted Asus customer care and told them regarding my issue on that they said there should be no damage and breakage only then they could repair it under warranty otherwise you would have to pay for the screen which is around 16000 INR. Which is really shocking for me. I'll be charged for the manufacturer or technical error while still in warranty. I had really good faith on Asus company and its products but after whatever have happened with me recently is really drastic experience. I would never be able to purchase any of the Asus product and would definitely leave 1 star review over amazon and other websites and would also explain my terrible experience with this phone and Asus customer care.


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