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Hello, my laptop is 3 years old, ASUS Zenbook UX302LG. Recently, when i leave my laptop on for standby for too long, my laptop would just shut down and cannot be turn on anymore either through the power button or with it plugged. I had to take apart the laptop and take out the RAM and battery out and wait for a while before putting them back and then my laptop would be able to turn it back on again. Anybody know the cause of it?


  • Do battery calibration .

    Remove all connected external devices from laptop. Then press and hold the Power Button for 120 seconds , later remove the finger.

    Charge for 30 minutes and use as normal.

    Boot with windows to normal mode and use power troubleshooter to solve power iusses..

    Adjust the power plan settings , check in sleep settings .

    Disable hybernation

  • Hello avismeyer1605,

    Was there any update or modification before the issue started to occur?

    Did you upgrade your RAM? If so, which brand and spec is it?

    Thank you.

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